How to Become a Lawyer

How to Become a Lawyer

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What it takes one to be one? A very simple question and yet the answer is a very long list of qualifications. Aside from the legal requirements to become a lawyer, (Bachelor’s Degree holder, Graduate from law school, Pass Bar examination, Pass moral character and fitness reviews, Swear to adhere legally binding oath to protect and uphold the constitution, Get License).

Aspiring lawyers possess a whole different talent and character.

Lawyers have unconventional views on different situation, they don’t appear to be what they are usually are seen on the movies. Other than the serious facade that’s being displayed in the court rooms, they possess an unnerving determination and self-confidence that not just anyone can extinguish. Lawyers possess a great talent for making non-negotiable situation to be negotiable.   They have a strong resolve to look for loop holes in ominous situation especially if their clients are in dire need.becoming a lawyer

What aspiring lawyers need is a nerve of steel, oozing confidence and will power. Attorneys hold the life line of their client, one wrong word uttered can cause their clients freedom, property or even their life. Despite being in nerve racking situation, a lawyer must retain a poker face. Attorneys don’t just act as defenders, but they also become the coach. Here is a list of the characters and requirements that you should know:

  • Your probably heard in more than a million times, patience is what made many lawyers world famous, working on cases that would last for years.
  • No client would hire someone if they are not credible.
  • A great talent an aspiring expert must possess. To manipulate situations to their own advantage.
  • You are never going to become a legal professional if you doubt your own self. You must be self-assured.
  • Grace under pressure. Breaking down on tremendous situations would cost any attorney their name, their title and their job.
  • Lawyers must be able to absorb a great deal of information
  • Must be able ability to think critically is very important for lawyers.
  • Possess good oral communication skills in order to be effective in the courtroom and must be good in written communication as well.
  • Must have commitment to the profession. One can never go half way once you become an attorney.
  • Physically fit. Pulling an overnight review and studying till morning would definitely take its toll on your body especially if you’re a trial lawyer. Studying your client’s case and thinking over different scenarios and situations that may happen during a trial. Aspiring lawyer’s needs to be prepared to devote their time needed to achieve a positive conclusion to the case.
  • Financially capable. It pays good however, getting there requires a great amount of expenses and expenditures. But the potential earning is a motivation enough to

These are only some of the qualifications you MUST possess in order to become a Lawyer. However, there is always a lot more to be discovered during the process that few will know.

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